Friday, February 02, 2007


On February 2, the Unadilla groundhog DID see his shadow. With the aid of some cheerful small town Nebraska folk, the stuffed little critter probably did make it out in the sunshine just long enough for those around him to see that shadow for him. (I doubt that he's seen much out of his marbled eyes for years). In other parts of the country, his extended family did NOT see that shadow....and I choose to listen to their opinions about the length of this season! In the subzero wind chills that have descended upon us, with a daily high of 9 degrees, I was at a loss to find anything fuzzy moving, let alone search for it's shadow! I did find some shadows of my own that brought my shivering soul a little simple joy today though...on a mid morning walk down the drive for the mail, I glanced back to see the shadows from our swings, waiting patiently for little fingers and little feet. For a moment, I could almost hear the sounds of little voices yelling "Grandma, push me" as I watched those swings dancing in the winter wind....a sure sign that spring is just around the corner! On this special day in February, when winter is now half over....may you light a candle and celebrate new beginnings. Start something new, something you only dreamed of doing and make it your own....bring fresh flowers into your home and your heart, to make the winter pass a little faster. May the simple joys of winter....shadows and laughter....light your days until spring.

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