Sunday, August 26, 2007

One of those days...

On a "one of those days" days, you have to look a little deeper for the simple joys in life! On a day filled with a broken cell phone, a debit card that refused to be read with a gas tank full of fumes....a day filled with a gift of a rock chip in the windshield from a passing construction truck.....a day where life gave us lemon after lemon, and no simple joys in sight.....I remembered this picture we took on our summer vacation. We had stopped for gas after driving too long , tired, ready to head for home, and in desperate need of a little simple joy....and looked across the street to this sight! We decided that nothing in our day was as bad as what this poor fellow had going for him. We were very happy that we didn't share his family tree! This was the laughter, the joy we needed, courtesy of a talented artist who made lemonade out of some leftover lemons! We spent the next few hours entertaining ourselves with more "when life gives you lemon" stories, and soon found that lemonade days are the wisdom days....and may be some of the best days of our lives! So...for those of you out there having your own lemonade days (Kate!) ...I offer you a sampling of the wisdom we shared with each other on our last one.....
When life gives you lemons.....
.....find someone with vodka and have a party!
....squeeze them in someone's eye!
....juggle them!
....give them to a friend!
....make gatorade!
....draw smiley faces on them!
....drink lemonade & smile..makes people wonder what you've been up to!
....make dessert! (I'd recommend a lemon cheesecake!)

And...the next time you find yourself up a tree in life...remember that many a family tree is full of nuts, and need a little pruning ....and remember that these lemonade days in life you'll one day look back at as wisdom days.....I hope!

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