Thursday, October 04, 2007

...and things that matter

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King
Today, another lesson learned, from the simple joys in life. In the wind and unusual warmth of fall, I've watched this sunflower struggle valiantly...and find it much like my own life lately. Standing silent, unable to speak out about what matters most, struggling to continue on a journey limited by silence, her beauty found in her strength and her struggle, in her maturity, in the nod of her weathered head. Hard lessons this time, lessons about choosing the things that matter in life and speaking up for them, in any way you can. Things that matter such as appreciating each for their uniqueness and their contributions and their beauty, no matter what their size or age or hair color or net worth. Things that matter such as learning the power of your words as a weapon and the value of an apology for those words let loose on an unsuspecting soul, like an arrow to the heart. Lessons that teach of how short life is and how being right or wrong is so much less important than being treated with respect and dignity. Lessons I want my children and grandchildren to learn about choosing things that matter....simple joys in life such as sunflowers, the colors in fall, the power in a handshake, the message in a job well done for years and years. Lessons about strong values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty and friendship. And the lesson of learning when to stand...and when to turn and walk away, confident in the knowledge that somewhere in the confines of a world closing in, there will always be a window to be found, a new start to be made, a bend in the road...and a journey full of simple joys! So tomorrow.... I'll turn my petals to the sun, and begin again....remembering to stand tall, speak out.....and never let anyone minimize my contributions to this simple joy we call life!

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