Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The sounds of freedom.....

That noise you hear is the sound of freedom.
At a bend in the road on a steep mountain drive, we found simple joy in the sounds of freedom. Showcased against a brilliant blue sky, tucked amongst the golden aspens and the evergreens, flew the colors of freedom, standing tall and flying proud! Pausing for pictures had become a regular on our journey...and this pause we found filled with simple joys in the sounds of freedom that lived there. Joy in the flap of that flag in the crisp morning wind... in the sounds of the watery whisper of the aspen leaves that shimmered around it...in the sounds of the contented chatter from magpies and blackbirds, winging from tree to tree....in the soft whirr and click from a camera in its attempt to capture a sound, a moment, a memory......Yet another lesson in the sounds of freedom on that mountain drive....a lesson from the proud American that took the risk to stand those colors for all to see, on that mountain top. A lesson about taking the risk to stand up for what he believes in....taking the risk to fly his dreams in the wind, in the middle of nowhere, proudly. That freedom lies in the risks we choose to take in life, no matter what challenges those risks present. So much joy to be found in the soft flap of a tattered flag in the wind on a mountain top!!

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